Does Smoking Cigarettes Cause Weight Loss?

Does smoking cigarettes cause weight loss? That is the age-old question that keeps on being asked by many people who are trying to lose weight. It is one of the reasons why people find it hard to change their ways and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

People, who continue to smoke and do not keep up with their diets, tend to lose weight loss rather quickly. It is not surprising that a large number of smokers have excess weight.

Smokers do not need to lose weight to be unhealthy because they are also living an unhealthy lifestyle, which does cause the weight to be lost. But this is the cause for concern for those who wish to lose weight as quickly as possible. They must understand that their failure to follow a healthy diet plan, together with the smoking habit, are the primary causes for obesity in the first place.

Smoking causes a big problem as far as losing weight is concerned. The nicotine from the cigarette actually dulls the taste and affects the nervous system in the same way. This makes the person prefer the cigarette as opposed to eating a balanced meal or other good quality sources of nutrition.

The smoker’s heart rate, blood pressure and breathing rate will be far higher than normal. They will also suffer more from illnesses and diseases associated with high blood pressure and heart disease, when compared to those who do not smoke.

Is there any answer to the question does smoking cigarettes cause weight loss? Doctors have shown that the smoker has two times as much body fat as those who do not smoke. In fact, the proportion of their body fat to their lean body mass is far higher than those who have never smoked.

There are plenty of products that claim to help people lose weight without using diet pills or supplements. In the end, this means that they are merely replacing the lack of good food in the body with a substitute like a chocolate bar. Neither diet pills or supplements can replace a balanced diet and even they cannot guarantee the outcome for long term use.

The success of diet pills and other supplements depends on the effectiveness of the product. If they cannot help the patient lose weight effectively, they should not be used.

A better option to achieving weight loss is to adopt a regular exercise program. A proper diet program, which includes enough fruit and vegetables, good protein and calories is also important. A combination of all these factors makes sure that the metabolism in the body is able to burn fat at a healthy rate.

People who want to lose weight can also join exercise classes and use free weights. However, the use of free weights can only help in some cases. People do not move freely because they are scared of breaking a free weight and they also cannot do more than their allotted session.

The choice of either diet pills or free weights is therefore limited. As you have seen, there is nothing to lose if you do not try and lose weight. You only need to try.

Some are not sure about the effectiveness of such weight loss supplements, but they need to remember that there are many different types of medicines that can help the body to burn fat. Some are costlier than others, but most work well.