Does Zoloft Cause Weight Loss?

does zoloft cause weight loss

Does Zoloft Cause Weight Loss?

Zoloft causes weight loss is a misconception. This is not true, since it is not a drug that is used to treat any disorder or disease. A drug is a chemical substance and that is what Zoloft is.

If you are taking any type of drug then you should consult your doctor before starting any medication. That is what your doctor does for you every time you go in for treatment. The reason is that a doctor always has the best idea of how the drugs are affecting you and what they can do to help you heal. A doctor can give you medications that will allow you to recover from a disease or illness without side effects that would otherwise be harmful.

When you are suffering from an illness or taking a drug you are not mentally healthy to begin with. Zoloft is a drug that will make you feel better but it will also make you feel worse. It can cause your brain to think that you are eating more and therefore you are fat.

To help you understand how Zoloft can cause weight loss, you should know a little about the mechanism that makes it so. The mechanism is why the drug works, this mechanism uses an important brain chemical called serotonin.

Serotonin is one of the chemicals that affect memory function. If your brain knows that you are depressed, it may try to remind you of your problem by trying to eat or exercise more.

This chemical serotonin is released by the brain when you are happy, sad, tired, etc. It also causes a feeling of well being. This feeling is very important to the brain and if the feeling is disturbed, there is something wrong with the brain.

As you can see Zoloft can actually cause weight loss if the balance of serotonin is off. The brain is telling you that you need to eat more food and you are telling the brain that you are eating less food. The brain is going to believe that it needs to take in more food and the next thing you know you are eating more.

Since the brain is telling the rest of your body that you are not healthy enough to eat food it wants to eat then it can be argued that Zoloft will help you lose weight. As I said before you are not healthy to eat, this is a common misconception. As I have stated before the proper amount of food does not affect weight gain.

All you can do is keep your body in a healthy state and let the brain makes its own decisions about what is right and wrong. The brain is the control panel of the body. It knows more than we do about the way our bodies function and so it thinks that we are losing weight even though our bodies are functioning normally.

Before you take Zoloft, you should first talk to your doctor to make sure that you do not have any serious conditions that require medications. You should also talk to your doctor about what types of medications you should avoid taking, and what can you take safely.

You should discuss with your doctor the amount of Zoloft that you take per day, and if you can reduce that amount. Your doctor will tell you what type of Zoloft you should take, and also what you should avoid. It is wise to not take too much Zoloft because it can cause some side effects that could actually have you feeling sick.

If you are taking Zoloft for depression, you should be under the care of a psychiatrist. They will give you more information about the medication and how to care for yourself while you are taking it. This is very important because you should know how to care for yourself as you take the medication.