What Antidepressants Cause Weight Loss?

The question on many people’s lips these days is, what antidepressants cause weight loss? The answer to that query is not so simple. Antidepressants do help people who are depressed and who are trying to lose weight, but they can also be used by those with panic or anxiety disorders, as well. What exactly does each drug do, and how does it affect the body? This is something that many people have been asking lately, but still, there is no clear answer on this question.

Many antidepressants cause weight loss because of one particular chemical, serotonin. This chemical acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain, responsible for regulating moods and feelings. When there is an imbalance in this chemical, the result is usually depression, irritability, lack of interest in sex, as well as other disorders. However, when there is a good flow of it in the brain, things are fine. That is why it has often been suggested that taking serotonin in the form of a pill can actually prevent weight gain.

What antidepressants cause weight loss in people with depression depends on the type of drug taken and the severity of the patient’s condition. In the case of tricyclic antidepressants like Elavil, Pamelor or Norpramin, which are mainly used to treat depression, the chances of weight gain is relatively low. Pamelor is also known to slow down metabolism, so it helps in the process of fat loss. Similarly, Elavil, Pamelor, or Norpramin are known to increase the rate of fat breakdown.

Certain herbs and herbal supplements are known to help people with depression and who want to lose weight as well, but what medications are available are not so reliable. One such herbal supplement that has produced phenomenal results for some people is the Chia seeds before bed for weight loss. Although it has not received much publicity, the Chia seeds have been used by indigenous people all over the world for years for their medicinal properties. Some of them have even come up with scientific studies to support the medicinal value of the little seeds, which are dried and kept in a jar.

The seed contains carbohydrates, fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, minerals and a bit of salt. When mixed with water, chia seeds before bed for weight loss pill acts as a very effective energy booster. The energy boost increases the body’s metabolism, which helps in burning fat. Studies indicate that the combination of the seeds with a good diet results in loss of about four pounds in a week’s time.

A lot of people, who used Chia seeds before bed for weight loss diet pill claim that they can reduce appetite and increase the feeling of fullness, thus reducing the amount of food intake. This will decrease the amount of calories that are taken in, thus resulting in weight loss. One reason why Chia seeds before bed for weight loss pill works so well is because it increases the metabolism. Another reason is because it contains caramine, which has the ability to speed up the burning of fats. Most diet pills contain carbinol, which has the ability to block fat production. Many experts recommend that if you use the above mentioned ingredients in your diet pill, you will reduce your risk of developing cardiac problems or high blood pressure.

Using Chia seeds in any form to lose weight, cut appetite and increase the feeling of fullness may seem like a miracle drug. But in reality, there are many other natural substances that are used in small quantities as weight loss supplements, but they have no effect on losing the weight. For example, Hoodia, which is an herb that is used for cooking and snacks is also popularly known as “the eat every day miracle”. In order to get its effects, it is mixed with some other natural plant extract. Although there is no guarantee that taking Hoodia will help you lose weight, it is still considered to be safe and will not result in any harmful side effects when used as directed.

Another natural substance that works as a weight loss supplement is yacon syrup. It is made from the root of yacon, which is a tuberous plant commonly found in Southern France. It has been used for centuries as a health tonic to treat obesity, diabetes and hypertension, among other health problems. But this natural wonder ingredient that works as an appetite suppressant, mood enhancer and weight gain inhibitor can also be used as a mood elevator, which means it could provide you with the same good feeling as having a cup of coffee.